Compare PE-Xb with PE-Xa Pipes

PE-X material is successfully used to make pipes using the peroxide (a), silane (b) or radiation (c) methods. PE-Xb pipes in particular are often used for water and heat distribution, because they are flexible, strong and resistant to disinfectant products. Owing to various impressive properties like high chemical resistance, superior strength to withstand temperature fluctuations of PE-Xb pipes were recognized as effective alternatives to PVC, CPVC or copper tubes in residential water pipelines. Find out for yourself why PE-Xb pipe are the best choice for many reasons. > About PE-Xb > PE-Xb versus PE-Xa

The technology for making pipes from cross-linked polyethylene using the silane method is much cheaper compared to PE-Xa. On the contrary to PE-Xa, PE-Xb has a much higher resistance to disinfection products and this also contributes to the longer life-cycle of the pipes made from this material.

PE-Xb versus PE-Xa


Due to silan crosslinking method PE-Xb pipe holds for ages


PE-Xb can withhold higher pressure than PE-Xa


Increased lifetime even with high chlorinated water


Universal fitting system and wider use of PE-Xb tubing worldwide


Latest product developments assure PE-Xb material reaches similar level of flexibility as PE-Xa


Less vulnerable when installed and treated at a construction site


Assures smooth fluid or gas flow inside PE-Xb pipe


PE-Xb is the most typical and the most affordable type of plastic pipes used worldwide

What PE-Xb Pipes Can Offer You?


  • It guarantees safe transport of water thanks to the material’s high resilience to pressure, temperature and chemicals
  • It minimises the number of pipe connections, thereby saving money and time
  • Fully meet all requirements for drinking water applications
  • Comply with regulations and standards concerning heating and gas applications


Ask for PE-Xb Pipes

Why to use PE-Xb instead of PE-Xa?

PE-Xa is an older technology for making pipes from cross-linked polymers. The new PE-Xb material offers better or comparable properties for a lower price. For example it can be used to create products with greater resistance to hot chlorinated water.

Is the installation of PE-Xb pipes difficult?

Installing PE-Xb pipes is very simple due to their greater flexibility, which enables reduction of the number of connections to the minimum.

Where to buy products from PE-Xb?

Pipes manufactured using PE-Xb technology are freely available and offered by a number of manufacturers and distributors.

Utilization of PE-Xb Worldwide


of all sanitary pipes are made of PE-Xb


of plumbers rely on PE-Xb pipes

  • PE‑Xa
  • PE‑Xb
  • PE‑Xc
  • PE‑RT
  • PP‑R

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