Gas Distribution Using PE-Xb Pipes

The PE-Xb technology is also used to manufacture pipes for gas distribution, which places very high demands on the material’s resistance to pressure and its reliability. > Application > Gas pipes

Gas distribution is ensured by a dense network of gas pipelines, which are usually maintained by the distributor. However, gas has to be distributed using pipes in order to supply gas throughout a building. These pipes must have specific properties, particularly a high degree of reliability and resistance to pressure. These are exactly the properties that PE-Xb pipes, which are considerably cheaper compared to metal pipes, have.

Why to Use PE-Xb Gas Pipes?


Due to silan crosslinking method PE-Xb pipe in gas distribution holds for ages


Higher safety buffer in strength in case of sudden pressure increases if the pressure control fails


Less vulnerable by installation and treatment on construction site and long-term crack propagation resistance


Extended life time and mechanical properties of PE-Xb pipes brings long term resistance
to failures, long term safety and problem-less running of gas application

Importance of safe gas distribution

It is very important to ensure safe gas distribution for households, hospitals, schools and other public buildings and it is essential to focus on selection of a suitable material for making gas pipes. This material should be resistant to high pressure and chiefly ensure reliable gas distribution, for several decades.


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Why to use PE-Xb for gas distribution?

Pipes made from cross-linked polyethylene (PE-Xb) are distinguished by their high resistance to pressure and extreme exterior conditions. This means they are absolutely reliable and will last very long indeed.

Which benefits this material offers?

As well as excellent resistance to pressure and the effects of the surrounding environment, PE-Xb pipes have an excellent surface finish, which ensures smooth gas-flow inside the pipes. They are also distinguished by their affordable price compared to expensive copper pipes, easy installation and minimisation of costs for construction of gas distribution systems due to their high flexibility.

Is PE-Xb harder to install?

Installing PE-Xb pipes is much simpler due to their greater flexibility, which enables reduction of the number of connections to the minimum.

Where to buy products from PE-Xb?

Pipes made from unique material manufactured using PE-Xb technology are freely available and offered by a number of manufacturers and distributors.

Utilization of PE-Xb Worldwide


of all sanitary pipes are made of PE-Xb


of plumbers rely on PE-Xb pipes

  • PE‑Xa
  • PE‑Xb
  • PE‑Xc
  • PE‑RT
  • PP‑R

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