Application of PE-Xb Pipes

PE-Xb pipes have a wide range of use thanks to their properties. They are used to distribute gas, heat or even drinking water in households, hospitals, schools and other public buildings. > Application

Water supply pipes

The chlorine contained in water for disinfection purposes and the high temperatures put a lot of strain on the pipelines supplying water. This means that the material for making water pipes must meet strict requirements. Thanks to their structure and manufacturing method, PE-Xb pipes easily resist these influences.

Gas distribution pipes

Pipes for gas distribution are put under stress by the high pressure, which is linked to the increased demands placed on the reliability of the material they are made from. This is why highly durable and high-quality PE-Xb pipes from cross-linked polyethylene are used for gas distribution.

Heating pipes

Household heating systems are either based on distribution of gas or hot water using a pipeline system. The ideal material for central heating systems or for under-floor heating pipes for distributing gas and water is cross-linked polyethylene made using the silane method (PE-Xb), which increases resistance to high temperatures, pressure and chlorinated water.

Main Advantages of PE‑Xb Pipes


Due to silan crosslinking method PE-Xb pipe holds for ages


High flexibility of PE‑Xb pipes allow you to reduce need for fittings


Even under strong pressure PE‑Xb won’t let you owing to high resistance


Chemicals or disinfectants do not harm PE‑Xb pipes even with high chlorinated water


Universal fitting system and wider use of PE-Xb tubing worldwide make installation reaslly fast and easy


High temperatures do not affect the superior performance of PE‑Xb


Surface finishing of PB-Xb assures smooth fluid or gas flow inside


PE-Xb is the most typical and the most affordable type of plastic pipes used worldwide

Discover TABOREX® brand materials

SILON has successfuly offered PE-Xb material on the market under the brand name TABOREX® since 1994.

TABOREX® (PE-Xb) is the material which is used where high durability and resistance to chlorination of potable water is required. Thanks to its properties, it is excellent for the production of sanitary and heating pipes.

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